High Heavens
Proposed biowaste transfer station

An artist’s impression of the proposed facility

Thank you for visiting. The purpose of this website is to inform and consult local residents and other interested parties about a proposed new building to house existing food, garden and bulky waste transfer activities at the High Heavens Waste Complex. These waste materials are generated by Buckinghamshire residents and brought to the Complex from kerbside collections and the ten Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) across Buckinghamshire.

Buckinghamshire County Council, the Waste Disposal Authority for Buckinghamshire, has appointed construction company Galliford Try as the design and build contractor for the proposed facility.

The proposed building will replace the existing out-of-date infrastructure used for food, garden and bulky waste transfer activities. It will incorporate modern environmental controls and provide a safer and more comfortable workplace for the site staff. It will also improve the way food waste, garden waste and bulky wastes are managed within Buckinghamshire.


Why do we need modern waste infrastructure in Buckinghamshire? Using waste transfer activities reduces the number of vehicles transporting waste around the county, reducing overall transport emissions, and making Buckinghamshire’s recycling system even more environmentally friendly.


A replacement, modern waste transfer building is being proposed at the High Heavens Waste Complex. If constructed, it will enable the Council, as the Waste Disposal Authority, to bring existing operations indoors and minimise the impacts of waste handling activities on neighbouring areas.


Come and meet the project delivery team at Christ the Servant King Church, Cressex Rd, on:
•  Thursday 28th Sept 5pm-9pm
•  Friday 29th Sept 9am-5pm
•  Thursday 5th October 5pm-9pm
•  Friday 6th October 9am-5pm

This website will be kept updated throughout the public consultation and planning period. If you would like to be kept informed of any updates, or if you have any further questions, please use the Contact Form.